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Colorado- MT-426
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About Us

Hi guys,


My name is Kashia. I know you're looking at my name wondering how in the world do you pronounce that, no worries I am here to help! It is pronounced Asia- with a K in front. 


Have you ever had an "ah-ha" moment in when you realize that what you're doing as a hobby you could turn into something much more? I am going to be that girl and say it, I am the one that grew up with a camera in my hand! The annoying girl always taking pictures! (Yep, hii here I am!) When that turned into taking pictures of my fur babies AND my very own beautiful babies that is when my "ah-ha!" moment hit me. I wanted to capture these memories not only for my own walls, but for other people also. 

I will be honest, when I started as a family photographer I did not see myself doing weddings. The thought of capturing a persons big day and all the moments along with it scared me a little bit. Once I did my first wedding though, it was AMAZING. I felt so many emotions that you don't get to feel capturing just families, seniors, or children's first birthdays. After I felt that, I knew that weddings were what I wanted to hone in on and capture for everyone. 


 I pride myself at making uncomfortable situations, comfortable. Not to brag but I have been called the best "hype man" EVER. I will dance with your guests, laugh with you when you trip (but lets be honest most of the time its me tripping over my own two feet), cheers with the groomsman, shout out "DO IT FOR THE GRAM", and roll around on the dirty ground to get the shot I want you to have. 

I have photographed 100+ weddings now throughout my wedding career. I have worked with some of the most amazing Pittsburgh photographers in our area. I have had two of my most favorite wedding photographers (including my very own wedding photographer) mentor me to learn more about this art. For me, its not just a hobby. It is art that you capture, freeze in time, and preserve for so many more years to come. Eventually showing your grandchildren. 

I am not a posed style photographer, I strive for the candid natural photographs. The picture of your father crying when he sees you in your wedding gown for the first time, or him crying when he gives you away, that wink you gave your husband before joining hands, the laughing in the rain because it rained on your wedding day and you wanted to make the most of it... those photographs are me, this is what I am all about. If this sounds like a beat you can dance to, I am your girl! 

Contact Us

333 Morganza Road

Canonsburg, PA 15317


Tel: 724-809-5282

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